My name is Nikki, and I'm the one behind the camera here at Fledgling Photography. I first realised I had a passion for photography when I had my first son, and for the first 6 months of his life had a camera permanently attached to my hand! I loved the buzz of capturing a really special moment - whether that was a 'first', a messy spaghetti-clad face or just a beautiful smile. As the years passed, I continued photography as a hobby, but as our family extended with the addition of our second boy it was becoming more & more difficult to capture as many of those special moments while also working full time as a Catering Manager.

That's when I made the decision to give up my position and become a full time Mummy instead. This didn't last long however, as I soon realised that I wanted my passion for photography to become more than just a hobby... And so Fledgling was born. It is only now that I am working with two things that I love - photography & people, I realise what it is to love your job!